All Natural Flea Protection

I use 100% pure Lavender and Penny royal . Both work very good at chasing away fleas as well as gnats and mosquitoes. They both smell really good too. All though both work equally as good.I must note that Penny Royal is a very strong herb and can enter the blood stream. It is not recommended for animals or people with allergies or are pregnant or nursing. Lavender on the other hands is safe for all.


these fabric collar simple ties around your pets neck Available in either herb and in three sizes
                                      Small fits necks 8" to 11" around and are $2.50
                                      Medium fits necks 12" to 18" around and are $3.00
                                      Large fits necks 17" to 27" around $3.50

Fabrics available in all three sizes- Also available in your favorite football teams fabric. Add $0.50


Your pets 1" collar slips though the sewn in pocket in this necker chiefs The herb are sewn into the collar pocket. they come in three sizes and are available in both herbs.
       Small- 6"x 6" sells for $4.00
       Medium- 9"x 8" sells for $5.00
       Large- 12"x 9 1/2" sells for $6.00

Under side is matched up with a solid fabric. Available in the following fabrics

Also available in your  football teams  fabric. Add $0.75.

You never know what fabrics I'll find or what new items I might come up with. So be sure to stop back often.

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