Dog Toys

The tug toys are made from recycled T-shirts and are really tough. I haven't met a dog yet that could tear it apart. They measure about 34" long and come in assorted colors. The price is $5.00


The flying saucer measures about 7" round. Is made of plastic tubing and flannel fabric and there is a squeaker sewn into the center. Give it a toss and watch it fly. You and your dog will have a great time playing with this great toy. The flying saucer sells for $5.00 and comes a choice of fabric.


Oh what fun this toy is. It's a bag .made of double lined flannel and it measures 5 1/2" x 11". It has a Velcro top.Place a water bottle inside the bag and watch how much fun your dog will have. When the crunch of the bottle is gone just replace it with another one. Comes in a choice of fabric and sells for $4.00


Made of flannel and comes in two sizes. The small one measures about 5" and has one squeaker.The large one measures about 7" and two squeakers in it. Also comes in a choice of fabric.
Small sells for $2.50 and Large sells for $3.00.


Also available in sport fabric. Please add $0 .75 per item


How much fun will this toy be. Made of fleece and filled with poly fill. Each pouch has a squeaker in it. They are tied and sewn for extra strength. Available in three sizes. Small-about 5" (1 squeaker) $3.00 Medium- about 11" (3 squeakers) $5.00 and Large- about 23" (8 squeakers) $8.00. Feel free to pick colors. One side will solid and other a print.